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Part. 2 –

I couldn’t look at him anymore, it was so intense, it hurt so much! A pain which I couln’t take off me. And I was looking for some hideout. I couldn’t find. It was dark and I couldn’t see any light, unless one. Your eyes.
With all lies u told me, I still could see the shine in your eyes. How was that possible ? How could you be so bad ? After all, still be courageous to look at me, with the same intense shine in those beautiful and pure eyes. How can you have pure eyes if your heart is all dirty ? I’m here, it’s late, and I’m tired. But I’m looking for answers, I’m looking for the famous true. You won’t tell me, because you just can’t do it.  But I’m gonna find it, by myself.

And after all, I’m gonna look at you and don’t see any light, just one. The light of the liberty, because I thought you were my way and my life. And somehow I found out I can live without you.
I’m strong enough to be ready for a new session of lies.

But your lies ? They are just… the same.

Everybody wants the truth, everybody wants to be trusted, everybody wants to be believed. But before it, everybody needs to tell the truth, everybody needs to trust, everybody needs to believe. And then we can start a new story.


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Part. 1 –

I’m writting here cause I decided to talk about real things. Lies.

Yes. If you stop and think about life, why so many people break up ? Why so many people cry ? Why so many people get crazy and kill people ? Why ? I’m sorry, but I just don’t know. Or maybe I do. Lies.

I just don’t know, why is so important and necessary to lie. If you don’t wanna hurt the heart of someone, or whatever, forget it. Your lie isn’t forever, masks fall…and this person, which you didn’t wanna hurt will get hurt twice more.

But if you get luck, this person can forgive you, and with her/his good heart, trust in you again. That is an assumption. Don’t trust in assumptions! And yes in facts. In this case, if this person is gonna forgive you or not, hate you or not, trust on you or not.. it’s an assumption, what means that you can get fucked up.

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